Happy New Year!

Happy new year from the Discover DMV family.  While you are busy with your new year’s resolutions, here are a few events that are closing out early this year.  So if you missed out on them in 2016, let 2017 give you a second chance.

Muppets & Puppets

Ending January 8th.  This exhibit at the National Museum of American History will be an outstanding family activity during the holiday season. Muppets & Puppets gathers Muppets and marionettes that date as far back as 1900, as well as Mr. Moose and Bunny Rabbit from Capitan Kangaroo and the first Kermit created by Jim Henson.


Ending January 8th.  Large-scale paintings and sculptural hybrids by 37 contemporary artists from 15 countries appear in this exhibition, organized by the Rubell Family Collection (RFC), Miami. Centering on images of the female body and works that explore the physical process of making, NO MAN’S LAND imagines a visual conversation between women artists new to the Rubell Collection and those whose works they began collecting decades ago. The exhibition presents a highly focused selection of paintings and sculptures often using unconventional materials and unexpected formats by women artists who are generationally, intellectually and politically diverse. RFC collaborated with NMWA to realize a new vision for the exhibition, which premiered in RFC’s space in Miami in Dec. 2015.


Ending January 8th.  The Stephen Sondheim classic that intertwines numerous fairy tales into one glorious story comes to the Kennedy Center this December. Reimagined by Fiasco Theater, Into the Woods is an enthralling musical featuring wolves, witches and wishes that is sure to satisfy the entire family. Expect unforgettable songs like “Children Will Listen” and “No One Is Alone” during this refreshing rendition of a timeless play.


Ending January 8th.  The Broadway smash that tells the tale of the Witches of Oz calls the Kennedy Center home throughout the holiday season. The prequel to Dorothy’s adventures in Oz follows a young woman born with green skin who possess great talents. Her friendship with an enthusiastic blonde goes well into the world decides to label one “good” and the other “wicked”. With outstanding and original music, expect to be wowed by this new classic that has captivated audiences everywhere.

Christmas at Mount Vernon

Ending January 6th.  George Washington’s estate knows how to celebrate the holiday season like few other locales in the DMV area. During daylight hours, tour the gorgeous mansion, witness chocolate-making demonstrations and hang out with the estate’s favorite pet, Aladdin the Camel. At nighttime, tour the estate by candlelight and on Dec. 16 and 17, enjoy an incredible fireworks display along the Potomac River. Mount Vernon stays open every day of the year.


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