This Week in the DMV 10/18/15

Chiara Civello

October 19th.  Chiara Civello was born in Rome, but as soon as she turned 18 she left for the USA to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston and soon became the first Italian artist to record for Verve Records. Her first album was produced by Russ Titelman, who discovered her in NYC.A great result of the Boston-NY days are the 10 songs of her recording debut LAST QUARTER MOON (Verve 2005), seven of which written by her and three in collaboration with other artists, including the great ballad Trouble, written with Burt Bacharach. Her debut granted her with a first world tour, making her hit the Japanese and Italian charts.Billboard Magazine noted that, “the beauty, charm and allure of singer/pianist/songwriter Chiara Civello’s debut…makes for an auspicious beginning and marks the first revelation of the New Year.” The International Herald Tribune declared “her combination of personality, soulfulness and sophistication…striking.” Called “the best jazz singer of her generation” by Tony Bennett, Chiara Civello lived up to that acclaim with her second release; one that left listeners contemplating the beauty of her voice and her songs and the space between.

Spy Seminar Series: Whistleblowers, Leakers, or Traitors?  You Decide

Until October 21st.  Ever since Edward Snowden leaked highly classified information to the media in June of 2013, Americans have been divided on whether he is a hero, a traitor, a conman, or a whistleblower. But this is not the first time in our history that an individual has ignited such controversy by revealing government secrets. In this series, intelligence experts and historians will explore the cases of five men who decided to take their data and run, and how the public and government reactions mirror or differ from today’s response to Snowden. Tickets at $120 and must be purchased through the Smithsonian.

Cake Off

October 20 – 21st.  A hilarious world premiere musical adaptation of Sheri Wilner’s riotous battle-of-the-baking-sexes play starring Sherri L. Edelen.  It’s the 48th Annual Millberry Cake Off. The legendary jackpot: one million dollars for the best homemade sugary delight. After a chilly pre-heating, hardy contestants Paul and Rita don their aprons, strap on their oven mitts and square off. Armed with whisks, bowls, knives and eggs, the two engage in an increasingly ludicrous all-out brawl – and only one can remain standing when the timer dings.  Ferociously funny, there’s nothing sweet about this wild musical satire, presented as part of the Women’s Voices Theater Festival.  “Sheri Wilner has concocted an original and laugh-out-loud satire on gender roles…barbed, witty, thoughtful, giggle and snort inducing.” –The New York Times

Gallery Talks: Collection Connections

October 21st.  These bite-size lunchtime talks are offered most Wednesdays. Museum staff members facilitate interactive conversations, encouraging visitors to look closely and investigate the mediums, techniques and overarching themes of special exhibitions and works from the museum’s collection.


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