The Importance of Cultivating your Online Presence

Social media is important.  You can’t discount that.  Although some will try to argue that it’s still just a fad, or that it’s just a distraction or means to brag, but totally ignoring your online presence is not only putting you behind your coworkers, but can be directly hurting your business and making yourself look less trustworthy.

“Wait,” you ask.  “How am I hurting myself by not updating my Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn account?”

 Let’s say you’re looking for a new restaurant to try out, and one of your friends brings up a restaurant they heard about.  Now, you don’t know much about that restaurant, so instead of just driving there on a Friday night for dinner, you Google search the name and get your information from there first.  You find reviews of the place, photos of the food, and a well designed website that piques your interest and you decide to set up a reservation.  But if there isn’t much information about the place online, are you still as willing to try it out?

A fleshed out LinkedIn account helps show off your professional prowess and ability.   Your Facebook is a good way to show another side of you–pictures of your pets or family, things you’re interested in–and makes you more personable.  And a well maintained Twitter account keeps you up to date on important news stories, and is a good, free way to advertise your work.  Don’t let these free means of advertising and getting your brand out there fall to the wayside because you don’t want to play into the “fad” of social media.  


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