5 Things Every Person should Experience at least Once

  1. Go out and truly experience nature. “So here’s the deal: Take a bunch of your closest friends, get into your cars and go out on a trip to a forest or a national park. Spend your day hiking, climbing, diving into pools or whatever you want to do. At the end of the day when you are worn out completely, take your cars to a clearing, spread out a blanket, lie down and look up at the sky. It ll take a fraction of a second to silence everyone around you and another half a minute to transport you beyond this world.”
  2. Help a stranger. “Help someone random. Someone who isn’t your relative, isn’t your friend or the friend of a friend, isn’t your coworker, isn’t your neighbor — some random person you probably never would have encountered in your life.  And I don’t mean giving a buck to a panhandler as you walk by, or donating to a worthy charity. I mean actually putting in significant time and effort to do something nice for somebody you had absolutely no social, moral, or legal obligation to help.  Now watch that person’s face.”
  3. Live alone, somewhere other than your childhood hometown. “When you live with yourself, you become more self-reliant and self-aware. Also, you realize what is important in your life. I don’t mean that just in the grand philosophical sense – but in the everyday sense, as well. When is your peak productivity? Do you like externally imposed structure, or one that is self-imposed and flexible? Do you like to work hard and then play hard, or work less intensely but consistently every single day, including weekends, while taking breaks for your interests? What do you like to eat for each meal? How do you like to organize your space? What minimum level of material comfort do you need besides basic amounts of food, clothing and shelter? (For me, they are a coffee maker and a hairdryer.)”
  4. Get lost! “Even if only for once, get lost. The thought of being lost is scary I know, both physically as well as mentally. We fear the uncertain more than anything else on earth.  To step on the path no one ever tread earlier, to explore the territory uncharted. If you’re always certain about everything you do, you’ll always know what to expect, and if you always know what to expect, how can you ever find something new, something undiscovered? No, you won’t.”
  5. Working a service job, or doing something for someone else. “Wait tables, clean houses, work at your local shelter, become a taxi driver (knowing every little turn in your hometown is an added bonus), courier for a packaging company, work the front desk at a government agency. Whatever. It has to have lots of interaction with the customer/solicitor/client, and require you to act politely and try to deliver the best results to them, as efficiently as possible.  You will expand your self-imposed world bubble to at least twice its current size.  The lessons gained from serving and giving to someone else, even if its for a profit, will last a lifetime, and really change the outlook you have on life.”

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