Job Interview Tips : Before the interview

Whether you’re looking for a job after graduation, after getting out of the military, or just trying to get out of your current job, the job interview process can be daunting.  Just last summer, I interned for a company that both helped companies recruit college students (primarily from the university I attended) and aided students in finding jobs and internships, and through working for them I was able to get a better understanding of the recruiting and interviewing process.  And so, I’ve compiled a few tips for those preparing for an upcoming interview.

  • Do research on the position you are interviewing for and figure out what you want to know.  Interviewers like to turn it around and let you ask them questions about the job and the company, so try to prepare a few.  Some examples include: what keeps you working here?  What would you expect me to accomplish in the first months?  If you could improve anything about the company, what would it be?
  • Think back on the work you’ve done in the past and compile a few anecdotes about how you’ve faced an obstacle and had to overcome it using your specific skills.  Your interviewer may ask for such an example, and having one story in the back of your mind will make a better impression.
  • Research the company and learn about current projects they are working on, causes they support, and any new directions they might be taking.  It’s important to know where the company you might be working for is going, and it shows you’re interested in the job and not just grinding out interviews.
  • And finally, this one is for those preparing for technical interviews (of which I’ve had a few)–make sure you’re up to speed on the skills you advertised in your resume.  If you said that you know Javascript when you got the interview, but you haven’t looked at it in months, refresh your memory so you don’t get stuck at the wrong time.

I wish you all the best of luck on all future interviews.


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