Veterans Club Hiring Event

On Friday, June 27th, the Veterans Club will be hosting a hiring event in Ellicott City, Maryland, specifically geared towards veterans.  Recruiters are looking to fill open positions with qualified personnel, so register and show off the skills you learned in the service.  Here are also a few tips to get you started, in case you’re anxious about meeting with and talking to hiring managers.

  • Dress business casual (here’s a guide).  Naturally, some companies will be more casual than others, but for a career fair, jeans and t-shirts are not acceptable.  Don’t dress in military attire, because you won’t be wearing that on the job if you’re hired, so stick to a more civilian look.
  • Highlight your military skills and projects.  Describe your specific certifications, training, and other specialized experience that you received in the service.  You have expertise and experience that will help you get an edge over others in regular job fairs.
  • Describe a situation in the military where you achieved your end goal.  Employers want to know that upon setting out on a goal, you will pursue it to its end, so having an example of doing so will show just how qualified and experienced you are as a potential hire.

Don’t let trepidation hold you back from finding your next career, so register now.


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